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Why use chestnut fence posts?

Chestnut fence posts :
  • Durable

  • Economic

  • Maintenance free

  • Strong


Our chestnut products are now used by

Natural England, The RSPB and Butterfly Conservation.




The main reason that sweet chestnut is used for fence posts, is that it is durable, far outlasting tanalised equivalents.


Sweet chestnut contains naturally occurring tannins, which means there is 

no need for any treatment, and once erected is maintenance free.


Typically, a life of around 15 years can be expected, however it is not uncommon for posts to last double this in favorable conditions.


Our chestnut posts are competitively prices, and are often cheaper than tanalised, especially when compared to their durability.


Chestnut will provide you with a strong, economic and aesthetically pleasing fence that will last for years to come.


We have a full range of chestnut fencing products in stock, from 5’ 6” cleft stakes and round posts to struts, strainers and gate posts.


Please click here to go to our chestnut post page.


Or call Jack on 07817 433704 for more information.


are proud to stock and supply

100% British grown chestnut

Chestnut fencing post
J. Down Fencing Ltd
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